Your Complete Guide To Eyebrow Threading in 2022!

Are you looking for a great way to keep your eyebrows in shape? What is eyebrow threading, and why can it be right for you? Let’s take a look. Alternatively, you may be fascinated by threading because you’ve heard of it. 

We’ll cover all you need to know about eyebrow threading in this article, from what it is to who should perform it, the benefits and drawbacks, and how it is done.

Threading Of the Brows Is a Type Of Grooming Service!

Please accept our gratitude for joining us on this path of eyebrow salon. Why don’t we go right down to the point? There are no chemicals used on your skin or brows when using this basic Asian technique to shape your eyebrows. 

It’s completely organic. The thread will be used to remove ingrown hairs right from the root. A brow threading expert can help you obtain the brow arch and form you desire by shaping them with the thread and removing the hairs. Check out Eyebrow Threading: All Your Questions Answered for more information on frequently asked questions.

Eyebrow Threading: The Good and the Bad

Threading is an excellent alternative if you’re looking for a fast and easy way to keep your eyebrows in shape. Chemicals are not used in any way. It’s all-natural and biodegradable. It’s an inexpensive way to shape your brows! 

When it comes to threading, you should expect to pay no more than $50! To avoid irritation to the skin, hair is taken out of the follicle rather than applied to the surface like wax. Over time, it reduces brow maintenance. 

You can go up to a month without touching your brows because the hair is removed directly from the root. This depends on your hair growth cycle.

All skin types can use it. Waxing does not cause or irritate acne breakouts, sensitive skin, or other problems. Get more than simply a threading for your brows; it’s possible. 

Get threading for your entire face, including your lips, sideburns, chin, and jawline. All of your facial hair needs can be met by this one product!

The procedure may be painful because the hair is being yanked out of the follicle. Pain tolerance varies widely among individuals. 

A little patch of skin can be used as a trial run before getting your eyebrows threaded. Because threading causes your pores to open, your skin may get sensitive and even slightly red after the procedure. After a few hours, the redness should have subsided completely.

How to Get Ready For Brow Threads?

Because brow threading is a simple procedure, you only need to undertake a few preparatory tasks. Preparation for your brow consultation is key to getting the most out of your time there.

Exfoliate: Dead skin cells that could clog pores and lead to ingrown hairs can be removed by exfoliating the skin surrounding your brows. If you don’t want to exfoliate, don’t do it!

Drink enough water to keep your skin hydrated and less susceptible to environmental aggressors.

No Makeup: Your brow artist will be able to give you the most excellent service if you have a clean face and brows, and we don’t want clogged pores!

Eyebrow Threading Appointment – What To Do Next

Keep your brows in tip-top shape with these helpful hints and best practices! Skin-to-skin contact is forbidden: After having your eyebrows threaded, be careful not to touch any areas of your face that may be irritated. Any redness caused by an eyebrow threading visit should subside within a few hours of the procedure.

It’s Easy To Soothe Red or Irritated Skin with Aloe Vera

Your pores are still open after the threading treatment, so don’t apply makeup to the area around your brow. You can also use tweezers to remove stray hairs from your brows between sessions.

Do I Need A Eyebrow Threading?

Threading your brows is an excellent option if you keep your brows neat and well-groomed entirely natural. Pain is not anything to be afraid of. When compared to waxing, eyebrow threading is less abrasive and less likely to cause skin irritation than is the latter procedure.


As your hair grows, eyebrow threading can last two to five weeks. By carefully plucking stray hairs, you may be able to extend the interval between your appointments — search eyebrow salon near me to get the full list. Call 03 94087704 to book an appointment with our expert today. Also, Spabeautique offers quality, long-lasting, beautiful eyelash extensions in Pacific Epping Shopping Centre, Melbourne!

How to Get Clear and Glowing Skin At Home?

Who doesn’t want a glowing and healthy skin? Afterall, it indicates a healthy and balanced lifestyle, not to deny, a clear-healthy skin without any active acne, pigmentation or condition requires dedication and an overall change in diet and routine. 

However, many factors like hectic work schedules, irregular eating habits, inadequate sleep and pollution affect the health of your skin. 

Skin, being the largest organ, starts to deteriorate due to an imbalance diet or unhealthy routine leads to hormonal imbalance (considering the age or underlying hormonal conditions leading to skin issues); one often has to deal with skin problems like chronic acne, dark spots, dryness, and other blemishes.  

Keeping your skin clear of pimples, acne, and other blemishes can be challenging, especially with different skin types. While dealing with such common skin issues can be stressful, various organic skin treatments may help you. 

Before trying these treatments, experts recommend to follow a healthy and balanced diet and skincare routine daily.

In this article, we have shared some tips on achieving clear, glowing skin at home without spending thousands on skin products. Following these tips will help you clear up your skin and reduce the frequency of breakouts in future.

Follow These 8 Tips to Achieve Clear and Glowing Skin

1. Use Sunscreen

Sunscreens are considered an essential skincare product in every skincare regime – and for a good reason! These skincare essentials protect your skin from negative UV rays and ensure zero skin damage. Wearing sunscreen every day – especially when outdoors – can limit the chances of any sun damage and provide proper coverage to your skin.

2. Avoid Extreme Hot Water

Nothing better than using a hot shower on colder mornings, right? If yes, you might want to rethink this decision twice! Using hot water while showering or bathing can dry out and damage your skin, regardless of your face or hands. 

Instead of using hot water, switch to lukewarm water. That way you get to bathe or shower in mildly hot water without causing any damage to your skin.

3. Moisturise Often

The sebaceous glands in your skin produce an oily, waxy substance called sebum which is responsible for coating, moisturising, and protecting your skin. Having underactive sebaceous glands or less sebum production can cause dry, flaky, and itchy skin. 

One of the best ways to balance sebum production is by applying a moisturiser after your daily face wash. Moisturising your face can help your skin prevent external damage from various elements.

4. Don’t Pop The Pimple!

Pimples might ruin your facial appearance, but it indicates your body has a functional, natural ability to heal on its own. However, one of the constant habits you should change immediately is pimple popping. 

Popping pimples can disrupt the natural healing process and increase the chances of new pimple formation. Additionally, it can even lead to permanent acne scarring. Therefore, avoid popping pimples and let the skin heal the area naturally. Make sure you don’t touch the area with your bare hands to avoid promoting breakouts.

5. Drink Plenty of Water

Water is an underrated, magical skincare elixir. Drinking plenty of water every day will help your digestive system flush out toxins from the body, reduce the chances of acne or pimple formation, and improve your complexion for healthy, clean, and glowing skin. 

Drinking enough water is also proven to combat various skin issues, including psoriasis and eczema.

6. Quit Smoking

Smoking every day has an adverse effect on your body, especially the skin. Several studies prove the negative impact of smoking on your skin, resulting in acne, pimples, and other blemishes. If you want to achieve clean, glowing skin, quit smoking!

7. Maintain Healthy Diet Regime

Your daily food intake determines the condition of your skin. A low glycemic and healthy diet will ensure fewer chances of acne formation. 

To obtain clear skin, you must try reducing your intake of sodas and other sweets, limit processed carbs, Cut-off alcohol consumption, and eat more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and protein.

8. Try Skin Treatments

Various skin treatments can offer you a natural, glowing appearance on your face. Organic facial treatments like Hydra Collagen Facial, Purifying Facial, and Radiance Peel are proven to offer natural results. Using Ultra Lift Facial treatment, you can obtain a facelift without surgery

Give Your Skin a Healthy, Clean, and Glowing Look

Explore the wide range of facial treatments at Spa Beautique and get ready to achieve glowing clear skin! Call 03 94087704 to book an appointment with our expert skin therapist today.

Top 4 Benefits of Skin Rejuvenation Treatment

The constant sun exposure, overwhelming stress, and intrinsic ageing are some of the reasons for wrinkled and saggy skin. Previously dealing with skin conditions such as acne scars, wrinkles, freckles, cellulite, and age spots used to be challenging. However, things have changed completely. Most skin clinics in Epping are offering a variety of skincare treatments to partially or completely eliminate such skin irregularities and help you obtain a youthful, beautiful glow. 

One of the most popular skincare treatments is skin rejuvenation – a non-surgical procedure used to remove the damaged upper layer of the skin and restore its youthful, beautiful complexion. Skin rejuvenation doesn’t require much time and risks associated with those in traditional cosmetic surgery. Considering this treatment can offer multiple benefits for those who want to get rid of skin defects caused by aging, sun exposure, acne scarring, pollution, and other skin conditions. 

In this article, we will go through some of the best benefits of considering skin rejuvenation treatment.

  1. Help Reduce Fine Lines and Wrinkles

After the age of 20, the human body produces 1% less collagen every year. By the time we reach menopause there is a 30% decline of collagen and continues to decline by 3% every year. Collagen is responsible for structuring your skin and keeping it tightened. Additionally, it also helps with the regeneration process of your skin. As you age, your existing collagen starts to break and it becomes difficult for your body to produce more. With such a reduction in collagen production, your skin starts to lose its original structure, becomes dry with less fat, resulting in a loose, saggy, and a wrinkled appearance.

Skin rejuvenation treatments encourage the growth of new collagen and skin cells, resulting in a younger, beautiful appearance. The non-surgical treatment targets those which are greatly affected due to aging, sun damage, or other skin conditions and generates collagen to repair them. The growth of collagen and skin cells will help reduce fine lines and wrinkles caused due to aging.

  1. Helps Minimise Facial Veins

Facial veins are small red, purple, or blue lines under the surface of your skin that appear on your face. One of the common causes of facial veins is sun exposure. When your skin experiences sun damage, the top layer of skin starts to peel, making the blood vessels under the skin more visible. Facial veins can become prominent as you age and more susceptible to dilating and stretching out due to sun damage, irritants, and several other factors.

Intense pulsed light therapy can treat facial veins. It uses light and heat energy to disintegrate the veins which become scar tissue. Such scar tissues are absorbed by your body with other treatments, resulting in even-toned and clear skin. 

  1. Helps Improve Acne Scars

Acne scars appear due to inflammation of acne blemishes and can leave permanent damage to your skin. One of the culprits of such skin irregularities is acne cysts. Acne cysts are large, red, pus-filled boils that can damage your skin tissue and impede collagen production. Sometimes, when such cysts break out, lost collagens are incapable of restoring themselves in the healing area. When your body fails to produce enough collagen it results in the formation of pits or depressions.

At Spa Beautique, our skin specialists suggests a chemical peel or microdermabrasion (methods of scar rejuvenation) to improve light acne scars. For serious scarring, we recommend a series of Venus Fractional RF, Dermafrac and or Microneedling. 

  1. Help Diminish Sun Spots

Sunspots or age spots appear on areas of your skin that are exposed to the sunlight. It occurs when your body causes pigmented skin cells to multiply due to sun exposure. Skin rejuvenation treatments can diminish sun spots easily and effectively. Intense pulsed light therapy can help break down these pigments without causing any harm to your surrounding tissues.

To know more about how skin rejuvenation or organic skin treatments can help heal your skin condition, call us on 03 94087704 and book an appointment today. 

Effects of Stress on Skin: Signs and Tips To Keep Your Mind and Skin Stress-Free

Stress is one of the most common human conditions that everyone experiences in their lives. However, when stress becomes chronic, it offers an open invitation to a few serious consequential health complications and issues including depression, cardiovascular disease, poor immune system, etc.

You might be aware of how stress can take a toll on your mental and physical health but have heard about its negative effects on your skin? You heard it right! If you are stressed out, it shows on your face. 

 As a well-known skin clinic in Epping, we receive an average of 50+ appointment calls every other week related to skin treatments! Some opt for organic skin treatment, while others prefer non-surgical facelift or skin tightening treatment.


 Effects of Stress on Your Skin


  1. Dry Skin

Are you feeling itchy, flaky, and irritated? That’s the early sign of stress on your skin! One of the common causes of dry skin is the nonfunctional stratum corneum. The stratum corneum is the outer layer of your skin that contains an adequate amount of protein and lipids. These proteins and lipids play a critical role when it comes to hydrating skin cells. 

Stratum corneum also acts as a barrier and protects the underneath layer of skins from the outside elements. When the stratum corneum doesn’t comply, it results in dry and itchy skin.

But how does stress impact the stratum corneum? Stress can impair the barrier function of your stratum corneum which may negatively affect skin water retention. Stress can also stagnate the skin barrier’s ability to heal itself.

  1. Acne

When feeling stressed out, your body produces a generous amount of cortisol hormones. This cortisol can cause the hypothalamus (a part of your brain) to produce a hormone called corticotropin-releasing hormone (CRH). CRH stimulates oil release from sebaceous glands that are present around your hair follicles. When an excessive amount of oil is produced, it can clog your pores which lead to acne formation.

  1. Rashes

Stress can lead to a poor immune system which leads to an imbalance of bacteria in your gut and skin. This imbalance causes redness or rashes on your skin. Stress is thought to trigger several conditions that lead to rashes or skin inflammation such as psoriasis, eczema, contact dermatitis, etc.


Helpful Tips To Keep Your Mind and Skin Stress-Free


  1. Take Care of Your Skin

Ensure that you always maintain a good skincare routine every day. Being stressed makes you feel tired and sluggish. As a result, you may not want to get up and perform the face cleaning job. Yet, try to stick to your daily skincare routine as it will help your skin stay hydrated, fresh, and blemish-free.

  1. Maintain Good Physical Health

The key to a stress-free mind and skin is regular exercise and other physical activities. It also releases hormones that can help improve your energy, mental health, and physical strength.

  1. Eat Good

Consume a healthy, balanced diet with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Avoid taking processed and sugar-laden foods items as it triggers body inflammation and causes premature ageing.

  1. Take Enough Sleep

Give your body the rest it deserves. Getting enough sleep will offer your body the time to rest and heal. A soundless and good sleep can also help improve your overall mood and energy levels.

  1. Pamper Yourself

Take time to engage with activities that help you feel relaxed and happy – reading books, taking a warm bath, meditation and yoga, listening to music, or anything that helps you unwind from the outside world.

Spa Beautique is a professional beauty salon in Epping that offers a variety of clinical skin treatments including Skin Tightening, Organic Facials, Peels, Microdermabrasion, Anti-Ageing Lift, Collagen Stimulation, Wrinkle Reduction, Non-Surgical Face Lifting, Fat Reduction and Cosmetic Tattoo.

To book your appointments, call 03 94087704 today!

Eyelash Extensions VS Lash Lift – Which Is Better For You?

When it comes to eyelash extensions vs lash lift, how to know which one is the best option for you? Let’s check out!

One of the most unique and distinct features of your eye are eyelashes. 

  • Enhanced and long luscious lashes help pop out your eye colour. 
  • Some people are blessed with naturally curled and long lashes. 
  • As for others, not so fortunate. For those having straight, short, or light colour eyelashes, lash lift or lash extensions can be the best option to get long luscious lashes.

Both lash lift and lash extensions are quite popular beauty treatments that can create a visible difference in your look. Considering this treatment will help make your eyelashes stand out and frame your eyes, which will enhance your natural beauty and eye colour. 

We know, you are looking to get an extensions to revamp your look but before you search on the web about ‘eyelash  extensions near me’; let us understand the difference between the both: 

Eyelash Extension


Have you ever wondered how some beauty fanatics can rock those perfect length, perfectly curled, perfectly tamed lashes naturally? Sorry to burst your imagination bubble but these perfect lashes are far from mother nature’s creation. These “natural” lashes are the work of some exceptionally qualified beauty experts in the form of lash extension. Lash extension offers a dramatic appearance and immediately draws everyone’s attention to your eyes. 

  • One of the best benefits of considering lash extension is its low maintenance requirements in between the treatments. You simply have to set your alarm clock 10 minutes later and achieve voluminous and long lashes without using mascara.
  • One drawback of lash extensions is that the results of how your lashes have turned out will depend on the skills of your beauty therapist. Performing lash extension is a complex task; requires complete attention to the details and not everyone is skilled enough to do it.
  • Therefore, make sure you choose a qualified and experienced beauty therapist, such as Spa Beautique, for your lash extension. Our beauty therapists will help you achieve your favorite long, enhanced, and lustrous lashes.
  • Lash extensions need monthly maintenance. Meaning you have to visit your beauty therapist every once a month for lash extension infills. Therefore, always consider trusting your beautician to perform this treatment.

Lash Lift


  • Lash lift is an effective beauty treatment that involves perming and curling your lashes to offer you fuller and longer, better-shaped eyelashes. Beauty therapists use a bonding formula around the shaped shield to curl lashes. Besides, your lashes are also tinted to darken and intensify them more. The whole process takes around an hour and offers you a natural look at your eyelashes.
  • If you are tired of crisscrossed, twisted, and clumpy lashes when you dab mascara, lash lift is perfect for you! Lash lift is perfect for those wanting a natural and enhanced look to their lashes. Considering a lash lift will eliminate all sorts of imperfections of your lashes and straighten them out naturally. 
  • Lash lift is a lower maintenance beauty solution that requires a trip to a salon around every 8-12 weeks. The only drawback is that if you have short eyelashes, even the best and most skillful beauty therapist will be incapable of completing a lash lift.

Lash Lift vs Extensions – Which Is Best For Me?


  • One of the most important things to consider when choosing between a lash lift and lash extensions is the type of final look you desire. If you need a dramatic and striking look, eyelash extension will be best for you. If you are looking for something subtle and natural, then a lash lift will be your right choice.

As a recognized beauty salon in Epping, we offer you a range of eyelash enhancement treatment that include eyelash extensions, extension infills, tints, eyelash lift, non surgical face lift and many more. Stop googling “lash lift and tint near me” and visit our clinic today!