Clinical Facials – Advanced Skin Treatments

 Antioxidant Enzyme Peels

Reveal a luminous glow to your skin. These clinical  treatments will rejuvenate and regenerate your skin with pharmaceutically pure ingredients along with a unique transdermal delivery system to give you enhanced results.

Antioxidant  Peel                                                  45 min  $150

The antioxidant peel is an advanced exfoliation treatment, excellent for age management, acne, congestion & hyperpigmentation. A variety of AHA’s, Enzymes, Berries, Pumpkin, Mango & Peptides work in synergy to deliver ‘wow factor’ results. Your skin will feel instantly smooth resulting in a healthy & luminous complexion.

Power Peel                                                              75 min  $249

This fast acting peel eliminates dead cell accumulation whilst killing P-acne bacteria and visibly reduces Pigmentation.  Improvement is visible immediately and suitable for wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation, thickened & sun damage skins.



Reveal a luminous complexion! This clinical procedure is safe and effective providing you with instant results and no downtime. Using advanced technology this treatment incorporates medical grade organic crystals to deeply exfoliate and a pressured vaccum to detoxify and remove clogged pores, dirt and debris leaving you with smooth and soft skin within minutes.

Full Face & Neck                                                                      45 min  $125                    

Intense Treatment                                                                 60 min  $165

Microdermabrasion & Oxygen Treatment                    60 min  $175


Oxygen Rejuvenation

Oxygen Rejuvenation Treatment                                               45 min  $165     60 min $180

This skin-quenching treatment provides the ultimate intense hydration. Perfect for all skin types, the Rejuvenate serum contains vitamins and antioxidants that help dramatically lift, tone and hydrate the skin. Results are instant and continue to improve in the following days.

Facial Rejuvenation & Skin Tightening

Diamond polar technology delivers the first class anti-ageing effects by toning and tightening the skin using radio frequency. Within minutes the skin becomes instantly firm, tight and more youthful.

Eye Treatment                                                                                  45 min  $125                 

Skin Tightening                                                                                 60 min  $185

Facial Rejuvenation & LED                                                             75 min  $195


Illuminate – LED Light Treatment

Slow down the aging process! This treatment works by delivering light to the deeper layers of the skin to produce collagen and elastin resulting in more clear, plump and rejuvenated skin. Treats acne, aging and reduces bacteria and rosacea.

Illuminate Full Face Treatment                                                      60 min  $150

Illuminate LED                                                                                     30 min  $85

Collagen Induction Therapy   

From $199

A professional salon treatment for collagen stimulation and wrinkle reduction. Superior results for Pigmentation, Sun damage, Lack of elasticity, Acne scars, and Blackheads.



Hifu Face Lift 

A powerful treatment that tightens, firms and lifts the face and neck, results seen after just 1 treatment

Dramatically improve:

-Fine Lines      -Wrinkles       -Elasticity         -Loose skin        -Collagen

Half face $650          Full face $997




Upper Blepharoplasty                                                                                                    $799

Upper& y Lower Blepharoplasty                                                                               $1199

Upper Eyelids                                                                                                                      $699

Crows Feet                                                                                                                             $300 – $350

Top lip (Target Wrinkles In Lip Line Known As ‘Smokers’ Lines)            $250 – $350

Bottom Lip                                                                                                                            $250

Nasolabial (Smile Lines)                                                                                                $400

Jowl (Double Chin)                                                                                                          $450

Skin Tag Removal (Sun Spots, Skin Tags & Scars)                                           From $60 An Area  ( Minimum 3 Areas)