Hands and Feet

Hand Therapy

Buff & Polish                 (15 min)   $15
Shape, buff, polish

Essential Manicure     (20 min)   $25
Shape, buff, cuticle care, moisturise and polish

Deluxe Manicure         (25 min)   $35
Nail and cuticle care, followed by an exfoliation and mask to revive tired skin. Finish with a luxurious massage and polish.

Hydra Manicure          (40 min)   $45
All the benefits of the deluxe manicure plus a hydrating paraffin mask to improve micro circulation and dry hands.


Feet Therapy

Buff & Polish                         (15 min)   $20
Shape, buff and polish

Essential Spa Pedicure     (35 min)    $45
Soak in essential oils, while enjoying a beautiful accupressure back massage. Includes shape, buff, exfoliation, cuticle care and moisturise. Finish with a polish of your choice.

Deluxe Spa Pedicure          (45 min)   $55
Soak in our relaxing spa pedicure of essential and mineral oils, while indulging in a back massage we take care of your nails with a shape and buff and condition your cuticles.  Dead skin will be removed and exfoliated, followed by an invigorating peppermint mask. Finish with a moisturizing massage and a polish of your choice.

Hydra Spa Pedicure          (60 min)    $65
The ideal pamper pedicure for dry and frequently exposed feet. This pedicure will assist in blood circulation while treating dry heels using a nourishing paraffin treatment to hydrate dry skin. Includes shape, buff, cuticle care, exfoliation, mask, massage and polish.


Nail Enhancements

SNS – Signature Nail System

Full set                                                $60
Refill                                                    $50
Overlay                                               $50
Same Colour Refill                            $45
Rebalance Pink & White                  $60
Repair                                                 $7

Acrylic Nails

Full set Natural/French Tip             $50
Full set Colour Tip                             $55
Full set Permanent French              $60
Full set Designer Tip                         $65
French Rebalance                             $50
Permanent Glitter French               $60
Full set Tips on Toes                         $60


Refills                                                  $35
Refill on Toes                                     $40
Overlay                                               $45
Soak off                                              $20
Repair per nail from                         $5
French polish add                             $5
Nail Art Designs from                      $5

Gel Nails

Powder: Overlay                                $45
Full set Natural/French Tip              $55

Shellac Nails

Shellac                                                 $30
Shellac plus Manicure                      $40
Soak off                                               $10
Add on                                                 $15